Activity: Sightseeing flight – 電動滑翔傘

Sightseeing flight - 電動滑翔傘

Flying from the beaches over the Okinawa’s blue ocean with great attention to safety, and with the support of qualified staff. We usually fly up to 200 meters (656ft) but you can choose as high as you would like to go. Also children( 3 years old) and beginners are very welcome to take part in. We have an experienced instructor to guide you.
We recommend you to bring your camera! You’ll be able to take a superb view while you enjoy traveling through the sky. The flight location will change every day due to the wind conditions. Please feel free to ask us to confirm the location and weather before coming.
*The weight limit is 75kg (165lbs) maximum.

Guests who pregnancy and serious disease may not participate in this activity.

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